Centro Llantero de Sur

Talleres mecánicos pérez zeledón, uvita, zona sur costa rica

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Here you will find an overview of the Centro Llantero del Sur: our history, services, contact information and job opportunities among others. Our main interest is to keep close to our clients and friends as their trusted people.

In our “Locations” section you will find locations and phone numbers of our various service centers for you to choose the most convenient one.

We want to get in touch with you … hear your opinions, suggestions, and comments. The “contact” section contains specific information about the people that can address your concerns … we want to hear from you, Contact us! In our blog you will find topics of interest, which can help you save fuel or avoid advanced technical consultations.

We hope you enjoy it, it will be useful, but mostly hope that you visit us and allow us to serve you.


Vehicular Technical Revision

1 Make your appointment with us

2 We will check the points to consider in your vehicle

3 Take your vehicle to RTV

4 Pass your test or we will make adjustments at no additional cost